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What is the Collegiate Consortium?
The consortium , better known as CCDA, is comprised of a group of postsecondary and secondary education professionals, and community and government agency representatives who are directly involved in working with students with disabilities. The group was originally formed to address the needs of students with disabilities on WNY college campuses, and has expanded its focus to include the preparation of students with disabilities for the deriv review transition from high school to college.

How long has the group been in existence?
Since 1985.

How often do members meet?
Meetings are regularly scheduled on the second Thursday of each month . No meeting is held in July.

What does deriv registration do?
1. Share information and network to address the needs of students on our campuses. 2. Developed regional materials to address campus and transition issues. See Effective College Planning 8th Ed.and A StudentÕs Guide 3. Provide education and information for high school students with disabilities, their parents and secondary education professionals e. g. College Night for Students with Disabilities (18th year) has expanded to include similar programs at Williamsville East HS and Batavia HS. 4. Produce and disseminate information to assist in transition planning e.g. Matrix of academic diploma/degree requirements, CCDA website. 5. Conduct training for secondary and postsecondary professionals on transition, legal and disability issues e.g. breakfast seminars, teleconferences, speakers. 6. Provide speakers for classes, assemblies , parent groups

How do you join CCDA?
Contact Kathy Hoffman, Chairperson at 851-1832 and request a membership form.

How much are the annual membership dues?
$40 from September 1, through August 31.